VueJs – How to call a method from non-parent-child component in vue-js

call method from non parent child component

If you have an idea about the vue js then you know that how we can pass variables or methods in Vue js , basically we use the props to do such activity, but what if there is no parent-child relation in the component, and you can want to call those methods.

Let’s suppose I have two components, one name is ComponentOne.vue and another as ComponentTwo.vue, and I want to call componentOne.vue method from ComponentTwo.vue.

ComponentOne.vue Code

created() {

  //at the place of componentOne you can write your component name
  this.$root.$refs.ComponentOne = this

methods: {
  test() {
    console.log('Hello Codehunger')

ComponentTwo.vue Code


That’s it this is how you can call a component method when there is no parent-child relation

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