How to Sort Collections in Laravel and PHP

You can use sortBy for laravel collection for sorting by custom orders.

You can do like this:

$collection = collect($array);
$order = [1,2,3,4,5];
$collection->sortBy(function($model) use ($order){
    	return array_search($model->order_id, $order);

Also, you could add an attribute accessor to your model which does the same.

public function getSortedItemsAttribute() 
    if ( ! is_null($this->item_order)) {
        $order = $this->item_order;

        $list = $this->items->sortBy(function($model) use ($order){
            return array_search($model->getKey(), $order);
        return $list;
    return $this->items;
foreach ($list->sortedItems as $item) {
    // More Code Here

If you need this sort of functionality in multiple places I suggest you create your own Collection class.

class MyCollection extends Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Collection {

    public function sortByIds(array $ids){
        return $this->sortBy(function($model) use ($ids){
            return array_search($model->getKey(), $ids);

Then, to actually use that class override newCollection() in your model. In this case it would be in the ChecklistItems class:

public function newCollection(array $models = array())
    return new MyCollection($models);

I hope it will help you, feel free to comment if you have any question.

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