Compiler vs Interpreter in C

I understand when we start learning C Programming Language, It’s a bit confusing between compiler and interpreter. Sometimes both sound like a similar one . After reading this post your all misconceptions will go miles away.

compiler vs interpreter
compiler vs interpreter

What is a Compiler?

The compiler is a computer program that converts high-level language to machine level language, it can convert the whole program to machine level language.

What is Interpreter?

The interpreter also convert the high-level language to the machine level, but it takes single instruction as input.

Difference between Compiler and Interpreter

Below are the points for Compiler

  • Scans the entire program and translates it as a whole into machine code.
  • It takes a large amount of time to analyze the source code but the overall execution time is comparatively faster.
  • Generates intermediate object code which further requires linking, hence requires more memory.
  • It generates the error message only after scanning the whole program. Hence debugging is comparatively hard.
  • Programming languages like C, C++ use compilers.

Below are the points for Interpreter

  • Translates program only one statement at a time.
  • It takes less amount of time to analyze the source code but the overall execution time is slower.
  • No intermediate object code is generated hence are memory efficient.
  • Continues translating the program until the first error is met, in which case it stops. Hence debugging is easy.
  • Programming language like Python, Ruby uses interpreters.

Still you are confused between interpreter and compiler feel free to comment we are here to help you.

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