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Free human resource management system (hrms) software

Hello, buddy in this blog we will discuss the Top 5 free human resource management systems available over the internet.

A free Human Resource Management System (HRMS) software is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline and automate various HR tasks within an organization. These systems are crucial for managing employee data, payroll, benefits administration, performance tracking, recruitment, and much more. Here’s a detailed description of the key features and benefits of free HRMS software:

  1. Employee Database Management: Centralizes all employee information including personal details, contact information, employment history, skills, certifications, and performance reviews. This feature allows HR professionals to easily access and update employee records as needed.
  2. Time and Attendance Tracking: Tracks employee attendance, leaves, overtime, and absences. It helps in generating accurate timesheets for payroll processing and ensures compliance with labor laws and company policies.
  3. Payroll Management: Automates payroll calculations, tax deductions, and generates pay stubs for employees. It also facilitates direct deposits and tax filings, reducing the administrative burden on HR staff and minimizing errors.
  4. Benefits Administration: Manages employee benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks. Employees can access information about their benefits and make changes during open enrollment periods through the HRMS portal.
  5. Performance Evaluation and Feedback: Provides tools for setting performance goals, conducting performance reviews, and offering feedback to employees. It helps in identifying top performers, addressing performance issues, and planning career development initiatives.
  6. Recruitment and Applicant Tracking: Streamlines the recruitment process by posting job openings, receiving applications, and tracking candidates throughout the hiring process. It maintains a database of applicants’ resumes and facilitates communication with candidates.
  7. Training and Development: Supports employee training initiatives by tracking training programs, certifications, and skills development activities. It helps in identifying skill gaps and planning training sessions to improve employee performance and career progression.
  8. Compliance Management: Ensures compliance with labor laws, regulations, and company policies. It generates reports and alerts to notify HR professionals of any compliance issues and helps in maintaining accurate records for audits.
  9. Self-Service Portals: Empowers employees to manage their personal information, view pay stubs, request time off, and access company policies through self-service portals. It reduces the administrative workload on HR staff and improves employee satisfaction.
  10. Analytics and Reporting: Provides insights into HR metrics such as employee turnover rates, recruitment effectiveness, and workforce demographics. It enables data-driven decision-making and helps in identifying trends and areas for improvement.

Let us dive deeper into our list of the top HR software solutions available in India.

List of Top 5 Free HR Software in India

  1. Easy Hrm
  2. Zoho People
  3. Bitrik24
  4. Freshteam
  5. OrangeHrm

1. Easy HRM

Easy HRM stands first on the list when it comes for free HR software in India, Easy Hrm by Codehunger is available free for life, you can download this free software from here,
the free version comes with the below features.

a) Employee Management
b)Task Management
c) Project Management
d) Attendance Management
e) Payroll System
f) Leave Management
g) Payroll & Salary Slip Option
h) Task Time Tracking

However you can also buy a paid version of easy hrm which will cost you $15, but it will be worth buying as it comes with the time tracker software which will be installable on windows, mac and linux system, it also has client portal, invoices , roles and permission and many more, you can check the brief documentation from here –

You can buy the easy hrm v2.0 from here –

2. Zoho People

Zoho offers a fairly comprehensive free package that includes file and document management, time and attendance tracking, performance management, employee development, and time off management. Free for five users, Zoho People provides an employee database as well as office readiness features.

This includes work premises configuration, work from office management, and visitor management. And while you’re only getting 250MB of storage, you’ll still get classic support and e-signature integration. Zoho People is great for organizations looking for many features that offer basic HR services.

3. Bitrik24

Collaboration is the key feature of this software. An unlimited number of users in its free version combined with a portfolio of task and project management features make Bitrix24 an excellent platform for cooperative work. Included among the 35 free tools are employee profile pages, company structure, a social network, and a company knowledge base.

This HR software will suit companies that want to easily connect to other aspects of the business, such as customer relationship management and website building.

4. Freshteam

Affordable scalability that won’t break the bank when you decide to upgrade is what you can expect from Freshteam. With access for fewer than 50 employees, you can take advantage of its free-forever plan that offers a customizable career site, employee referrals, an organizational chart, and an employee information system.

Freshteam’s selling points are its low prices for upgrades, user-friendly interface, and support. This cloud-based system works for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a one-stop shop for their HR needs.

5. OrangeHrm

This is the one that pops up in most “Best free HR software” lists. Companies can self-host; however, this open-source software offers the same solutions in its cloud-based version. With more than 5 million active users, OrangeHRM takes its tagline “HR software for all” seriously.

The free starter package provides time tracking, reporting, HR admin, and recruitment features, along with employee self-service. Leave management, performance, and employee management also form part of the deal. If your priority is scalability, then Orange HRM is a solid choice.

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