Pointer in C programming

A Pointer is a variable that stores the address of another variable. A Pointer is declared using specific data type and therefore that pointer can point a variable of the same data type.


 Data_type *pt_name;
     Eg:-  int *ptr; 

This tells the compiler few things about the variable ‘ptr’

  • The asterisk(*) tells that the variable ‘ptr’ is a pointer variable.
  •  ‘ptr’ needs a memory location.
  • ‘ptr’ points a variable of an int data type.

Advantage of pointer

  • A pointer provides direct access to memory bitwise.
  • Pointers are more efficient in handling the data tables.
  • Pointers are also used for writing the operating system.
  • They have used a graphics-intensive application that requires direct and frequent access to memory.
  • Pointers reduce the length and complexity of a program.
  • They increase the execution speed.
  • The use of a pointer array to character strings results in saving of data storage space in memory.

Pointer to Pointer

A pointer to a pointer is a form of multiple indirections or a chain of pointers. Normally, a pointer contains the address of a variable. When we define a pointer to a pointer, the first pointer contains the address of the second pointer.

A variable that is a pointer to a pointer must be declared as such. This is done by placing an additional asterisk(*) in front of its name. For example, the following declaration declares a pointer to a pointer of type int- int **var;

Pointer to Pointer Example


void main()


int number=50;           

int *p;//pointer to int        

int **p2;//pointer to pointer        



printf("Address of number 

variable is %x \n",&number);           

printf("Address of p variable is %x \n",p);          

printf("Value of *p variable is %d \n",*p);          

printf("Address of p2 variable is %x \n",p2);         

printf("Value of **p2 variable is %d \n",**p);           


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