Make you web browser editable

Well, it’s quite interesting to doing stuff like this and I really like to do these types of experiments. Okay if you want to do things like that just follow the below steps.

Step – 1

All you need is a chrome web browser if you don’t have the chrome you can install by clicking on the link download chrome.

Step – 2

Open any website or you can edit this blog post too.

Step – 3

Open your console, you can open your console by pressing F12 present on the top of your keyboard, or by doing a right-click and then click on inspect.

Step – 4

When the inspect open there are multiple tabs like element, console, sources etc. You have to click on the console and put the following code into it.

document.body.contentEditable = true

That’s it, now enjoy editing the web pages, still having confusion feel free to comment.

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