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Fixed VMware port error 443 in use on the XAMPP control panel

I can understand this error is quite irritating and even hectic too, so in this blog, I can tell you how you solve this issue in multiple ways.

xampp fixed

You can fix by using the following ways

  • Stop VMware hosting services
  • By changing your port

Stop Vmware Hosting Services

To stop the Vmware hosting services open your task manager or you open task manager by pressing this three button one by one ctrl+alt+del in your task manager go to services and find VmwareHostd well currently it is in the running process you have to stop it.

Task manager

Now just make right-click over it and click on stop, Vmware service will stop then restart you xampp control panel and you can see that your issue has been solved.

stop VMware service
stop VMware service

By changing your port

  1. Open up httpd-ssl.conf in path2xampp\apache\conf\extra
  2. Look for the line Listen 443
  3. Change the port number to anything you want. I use 4430. ex. Listen 4430.
  4. Replace every 443 string in that file with 4430.
  5. Save the file.

I hope above blog post will help you to resolve your xampp issue still your issue is not fixed feel free to comment we are here to help you.

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